About the Founder

As a Florida native, Tyler has spent majority of her life in all depths of the ocean. While living in the Florida Keys, Tyler witnessed first handed the impact of plastic waste in the oceans during her dives as a photographer. It was during the pandemic of COVID-19 that she took it upon herself to develop a brand that cares not just about the environment, but in creating high quality apparel that is soft and long-lasting for all day wear.

Tyler believes in challenging fast fashion. She has developed and sourced eco-wear in a slow fashion manner. The way she does this is by sustainably and ethically producing products to the best of her ability through extensive research. With every purchase, we give back to those dedicated to the environment and to women's business education in Bali.

Throughout the life of BadFish Wear, Tyler's deep care for mental health was born. This is shown in many of her graphic designs, and will continue to show in many aspects of her designs as she continues her journey of becoming a Marriage and Family Therapist.